Charlie Ryan

Originally from Wisconsin, with over 20 years experience in social services and nonprofit organizations  in the USA, UK, and Australia. I am a grassroots organizer experienced in organizing and mobilizing teams of politically engaged people in a number of activities including canvassing, phone banking, text banking, protests and lobbying. I am an admin for the grassroots group Wisconsin for Bernie as well as the WI Will Win Coalition, which is a coalition of progressive organizations determined to implement a progressive agenda for Wisconsin. 


I have been inspired by Bernie to run for local office and am currently running  for a vacant Alderman seat in the City of Verona. I am also currently Co-Chair of the Our Wisconsin Revolution- Dane  Steering Committee. As well as being an active member of DSA and the Democratic Party of Wisconsin, I am also a member of the Platform and Resolutions Committee of the Democratic Party of Dane County. 


Activities I have been engaged in during Bernie’s 2020 bid include organizing hundreds of Berners to canvass throughout Iowa and Wisconsin, phone bank, text bank etc. I fulfilled the role of Precinct Captain during the Iowa Caucus, and co-hosted Wisconsin for Bernie Coalition Kickoff event at the Madison Labor Temple which many of you attended. I helped coordinate and staff a promotional event for Bernie at the Annual MAS-ICNA Convention, one of the largest and most diverse Islamic conventions in North America attracting ~25,000. I also organized a statewide coalition of Bernie volunteers in all 16 major WI cities over 100K to host their own events across the state of Wisconsin. 


I spearheaded a grassroots group, C.O.V.I.D (Citizens Outraged- Voters In Danger) and coordinated protests at the State Capitol in an effort to postpone the Wisconsin Primary due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This effort attracted a great deal of national publicity appearing in the NYT, Washington Post, Politico etc, etc. Lastly, I hosted Bernie’s Political Director in my home until campaign staff were stood down due to COVID-19. 


Along with my coalition partners Essie Lenchner, Rich McGowan, and Laura Valderrama, we have assembled a powerful slate for this caucus and this convention. At the convention we pledge to be a strong voice for our fellow Berners in championing and pushing for the most progressive agenda possible. We have put in the work and will continue the fight. My colleagues and I have developed a strong strategy to represent Bernie, Berners, and our shared vision for a truly Progressive agenda. We would very much appreciate your support and your vote to continue the  struggle at the National Convention. 

To learn more about us and our vision and goals as delegates at the convention please visit You can also connect with us and share your ideas prior to the convention by emailing or via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram @wiforbernie2020.

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