Essie Lenchner

Like so many others, I have become increasingly discontent with the workings of the Democratic Party. But change starts from within - within the DNC! I believe all pledged Bernie delegates will play a vital role in 2020, just like they did in 2016. I grew up in Israel as the daughter of an American father and German mother, where Hebrew was my second language. I was used to being an outsider because my parents were immigrants. I moved to NYC at age 14 and was seen as ‘the Israeli’. 

Growing up in Israel, I observed anti Arab sentiments everywhere, including from my peers, leaving me with a clear sense of how easily we all hurt one another. As an outsider, it's often easier to see what is strange and different in otherwise ordinary reality. I believe this sight is a gift, and one that so many in the Bernie movement have - most of us could immediately sense that something was wrong in the world, and have found the movement led by Bernie as a path towards meaningful change. I hope you allow me to keep pushing forward with the overarching goal of bringing human rights to everyone: medicare for all, free education, free childcare, guaranteed housing for all, and the right to live a life of dignity. I have been co-chair of Madison Democratic Socialists of America (DSA), and currently work for Organizing 2.0, which runs a yearly training conference for labor, community orgs, organizers and activists. I have helped make Madison DSA a more inclusive space for women, and organized DSA’s campaign for Bernie in partnership with Wisconsin for Bernie. Through DSA and Organizing 2.0 I have experience organizing with broad coalitions, data management, and digital organizing skills that are incredibly relevant for this moment in time. I look forward to continuing to build with progressives in Wisconsin and want to share my knowledge and skills with the community.